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Engineering Lead, New Product Lines



San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Sunday, July 10, 2022
<div class="content-intro"> <p><strong>ABOUT RETOOL: </strong></p> <p><span style="font-weight:400;">At Retool, we’re changing the way software is built. We’ve developed the fastest way to build internal tools, saving companies time, resources, and engineering bandwidth. Whether it’s refunding orders, underwriting loans, managing marketplaces, rolling out new features, analyzing transactions, or providing customer support, Retool makes it dramatically faster and easier to build internal tools that teams need. We believe that the future of software development lies in being a force multiplier for developers and technical builders, helping them move considerably faster building a lot more software. We’re looking for highly collaborative people as we build a world-class team to support this mission and we’d love for you to join us! </span></p> </div><p><strong>WHY WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOU: </strong></p> <p><span style="font-weight:400;">Retool is changing the way software is built. We’ve developed the </span><span style="font-weight:400;">fastest way to build internal tools, saving companies time, resources, and engineering bandwidth.</span><span style="font-weight:400;"> We’re looking for the right people as we build a world-class team to support this mission. </span><span style="font-weight:400;">Retool is quickly expanding and we’re looking for a leader to focus on our newest product lines. </span></p> <p><strong>IN THIS ROLE, YOU WILL:</strong></p> <ul> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Communicate and collaborate effectively with product management and product designers</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Manage and support a growing diverse team of engineers </span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Keep a consistent pulse on how your team will affect business and product outcomes</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Maintain a continuous drumbeat on customer interaction </span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Introduce scalable, repeatable processes that help engineering and product teams deliver a successful product.</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Partner with recruiting on building out a diverse team of engineers</span></li> </ul> <p><strong>THE SKILLSET YOU'LL BRING: </strong></p> <ul> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">5+ years of experience successfully leading and managing teams, with at least 2+ managing managers. </span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Champion for engineering through macro process changes </span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Deep technical understanding; we don’t expect you to code, but you should be able to navigate our codebase and engage deeply on design and architecture.</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">A history of orienting teams and setting strategy toward engineering goals, with a bias toward impact.</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Experience successfully recruiting, building, and scaling teams.</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Operating as a business-owner – caring deeply about our customers, product, and team</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Thoughtfulness around engineering culture, process, and identity</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">The ability to navigate ambiguity, manage stakeholders, communicate in a structured manner, and drive maximal accountability and excellence.</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">A collaborative skillset to partner effectively with product, design, and go-to-market teams.</span></li> </ul> <p><strong>OUR BENEFITS:</strong></p> <ul> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Generous medical, dental and vision benefits </span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">401(K) plan enrollment and matching up to an effective rate of 4%</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Paid company holidays and unlimited time off; take what you need!</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Annual continuing education stipend</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Working-from-home equipment reimbursement</span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Paid parental leave and family planning support </span></li> <li style="font-weight:400;"><span style="font-weight:400;">Wellness benefits including mental health, meditation support, OneMedical membership</span></li> </ul> <p><span style="font-weight:400;">Want to learn a little bit more about Retool? </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight:400;">Retool is the fast way to build internal tools. Visually design apps that interface with any database or API. Switch to code nearly anywhere to customize how your apps look and work. With Retool, you ship more apps and move your business forward—all in less time.Thousands of teams at companies like Amazon, DoorDash, Peloton, and Brex collaborate around custom-built Retool apps to solve internal workflows. To learn more, visit </span></p><div class="content-conclusion"> <p>Retool offers generous benefits to all employees. For more information, please visit the benefits and perks section of our careers page!</p> <p> </p> <p>At this time, Retool is only set up to employ in the US and UK. </p> </div>
Retool is an equal opportunity employer.
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